About Us


To be recognized as the industry leader in Funding Education initiatives by enhancing lives through scholarships and innovation. 


To operate the lottery with the highest degree of integrity and security, to maximize net revenues raised to support educational programs in Nigeria.


The School-Me Scholarship Lottery; is a private sector initiative designed to creatively raise funds to mitigate the high cost of education and support the academic dreams of the citizenry. The SchoolMe scholarship lottery is poised to provide a viable scholarship initiative with a two-prong approach: 

1.  Instant financial reward (SchoolMe Instant Cash, SIC) 

2.  Scholarship, being the core objective in supporting the academic pursuit and dreams of the citizenry on the one hand, and then, promoting academic excellence through the award of scholarship. 

The lottery is open to all to play and win but for the scholarship, Terms and Conditions apply. We envision that with the financial rewards available, the players of the lottery would begin to THINK EDUCATION and subsequently, begin afterward, to pursue their academic dreams. 


“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”…John Dewey What are your plans for a better future? What is your dream of the future? Let education be the foundation of your desired future. Malcolm X said that “Education is the passport to the future” and the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Allan Bloom had posited that “education is the movement from darkness to light”. This is profoundly true. In the same vein, Nelson Mandela had succinctly postulated that “education is the most powerful tool in which you can use to change the world”. There exist a parallel correlation between Education and development. If you can get anything in life, please get an education and a good one at that. In our clime wherein the cost of quality education is getting prodigiously high and making it near-impossibility for the common citizen to access quality education, SchoolMe Scholarship Lottery is designed to ingeniously raise funds to support the academic dreams for the common citizen as well as become a viable financial bridge for the common citizen to pursue fulfil their academic dreams. Don’t sit down and wish for a brighter and better future. Arise to challenge of taking your educational dreams in your hands. An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest, says Benjamin Franklin. Play the SchoolMe lottery today and your chances of winning are guaranteed. Goodluck! Goodluck! Goodluck!   


The cost of education is getting astronomically high and many are finding it very difficult to access quality education. Some who have accessed it are finding it difficult to go through school because of financial constraints. Countless numbers are dropping out of school; others want to further their studies but do not have the means. This has led to an increased number of miscreants who become a menace to the society. The SchoolMe scholarship lottery is a private sector-driven innovative program solicitously designed to generate net income which will be directed to supporting and promoting academic the goals of the common citizens through instant cash win and scholarships as well as providing educational infrastructures for public schools across the nation. We are creating opportunity and giving the common citizens an opportunity to access quality education through this program. One specific objective of the SchoolMe lottery is, this school fund initiative will create a pool of enlightened and educated citizens that will form the base of human capital resources for the development of our country Nigeria, consequently creating an avalanche reduction in the number of miscreants and unproductive youths in the society.   


The lack of funds should never be a reason for not getting an education, as such, pooling resources from the public to make funding available to anyone who is interested in going to school is our main focus, and at the same time rewarding players through the lottery. SchoolMe Lottery is giving everyone a chance to make a little sacrifice by playing the lottery (which will help fund education for others) and the possibility of winning some cash. Now hope is truly restored.