The School-Me Scholarship Lottery; is a private sector initiative designed to creatively raise funds to mitigate the high cost of education and support the academic dreams of the citizenry. The SchoolMe scholarship lottery is poised to provide a viable scholarship initiative with a two-prong approach: 

1.  Instant financial reward (SchoolMe Instant Cash, SIC) 

2.  Scholarship, being the core objective in supporting the academic pursuit and dreams of the citizenry on the one hand, and then, promoting academic excellence through the award of scholarship. 

The lottery is open to all to play and win but for the scholarship, Terms and Conditions apply. We envision that with the financial rewards available, the players of the lottery would begin to THINK EDUCATION and subsequently, begin afterward, to pursue their academic dreams. 

SCHOOLME is looking at the best way to help so many people. We were thoughtful to think that people can use their money to build an effective education system for Nigeria. By the SCHOLARSHIP we are empowering people, and with the LOTTERY we are sharing the responsibility with everyone in the New Nigeria Dream of an EFFECTIVE SYSTEM and a LEARN NIGERIAN COMMUNITY.
SchoolMe User are segregated into three (3).
1. Regular User who can create an account, fund his/her wallet and play. Winnings are deposited into the wallet and such user is meant to do a withdrawal to claim winning to bank account.
2. Agent User are user who want to run as a business partner with SchoolMe, they can create account, fund their wallet with the minimum deposit and play lottery for people around while making extra income playing for people.
3. PEC User are user who not just want to be a business partner with SchoolMe but also invest to run SchoolMe in their location. They can create account as agent and submit all rquired document for validation, Admin process it and if such a person meet all requirement, the account will be upgraded to PEC. PEC account gives you the right to employ marketer on your own, resell from your wallet to other SchoolMe User or Agent anywhere and make more money as a SchoolMe subsidary.

A wallet is your safe purse or currrency purse on SchoolMe. It is where your fund (money) is been kept virtually. Your deposit, earnings, commision and other bonuses always go to your wallet and you can always convert them to real money by withdrawing them to your bank account.
1. All fund in SchoolMe Wallet are virtual currency and only becomes real cash when withdrawn to your bank account.
2. All withdrawal are subject to approval from admin before they actualise to your bank account.
3. Only your earnings (Winnings, Commissions, Bonuses) can be withdrawn and is subject to the terms and condition of the company.

To Register, Login to www.schoolmelottery.com, Click on the “Account” Menu then Click on Register
Click on the first option that says “I want to be a SchoolMe user” (If you intend to be a User) or the second option that says “I want to be a SchoolMe Agent” (If you intend to become an Agent)
Fill the form with all required information
Finally click “Sign Up” to Create An Account.
Check your Email for your verification link, click it and it will automatically validate your account.
Add your bank account to your payment profile, this will help us process your earnings whenever you request for withdrawal.

1. Please, ensure to fill in your bank details in the payment profile.
2. For agent, ensure you fill your business profile so we can identify with you as a business partner.

Login to your account and from the menu on the left side, click on “Deposit”
Select the preferred Payment Gateway (Paystack Online or Bank Deposit),
For Paystack, Just fill in the amount, Confirm the transaction by clicking ‘OK’ on the dialogue box that pop-up. Follow the process using your card, Online banking, *737* for GT...

You will get a sucessful or failure result. Success result if all information is correct and you have the amount to be deducted in your account, and failure if you don't sufficient fund in your account or an error in your card or other information.
If successful, wait till you are taken back to your dashboard on SchoolMe, you should have the deposited fund excluding gateway fee in your wallet.

Note: For this payment gateway, standard online payment charges (gateway fee) applies. Always wait till you are taken back to your dashboard, do not off your device or disconnect network until you are taken back to your dashboard so that your payment will be completed and credited to your wallet automatically.

If you select Bank Deposit, then, do a Bank Transfer or Deposit to the Account details displayed
After that, fill in the amount you just transferred and the transaction or teller ID to the column provided above the Bank Details.
Click on submit, after verification of your payment by the account department, your wallet will be credited.

Here at Schoolme lottery, we maintain a standard and ensure that ALL OUR PAYMENTS are done online, so your account details is the only means for you to receive your cash reward (should you win) and other commissions.
Visit www.schoolmelottery.com, click on account, Register or Login or Use your Social Account to sign in
Follow the process for fundong your wallet above,
After successful funding, click on Lottery Categories and Buy Ticket of your choice category
Note: You can purchase as many ticket as possible in all the available categories terms and conditions apply
After every successful purchase, you will get SMS and Email Notification of you PIN and also the record of your purchases will be store to your purchase ticket.
In your purchase ticket table, your Transaction ID is also your PIN Code

If you are an Agent, Click on lottery categories, Click buy ticket to play for your customer
Fill the player form with the player username, full name, phone number, valid email and location. Select whether
you want the player to recieve sms or you want to print reciept out.
1. The username is the unique id of a player that enables the system create and automatic account for the user so that subsequently,
the player can visit schoolme and login using the username created at the point of play.
2. The username selected will always prefill the form with the details associated with it, if it is not the intended players details,
simply suggest another username not already taken to play for such customer.
3. Tell your players to always remember their username as whenever they meet a different SchoolMe agent, they play with such agent
supplying him/her with their username.
4. The account created by the username for such player will hold all play records and will help
keep track of every players pool of play and reward them whevever the company decides to reward consistency.

This is dependent on the medium you played through, the following should help you get your PIN:

1. If you played through an “Agent", the “Agent” will open his/her transaction log and retrieve your PIN and you can check the status on the website,
2. Should you also play through an “Agent’’, your email address should have been taken down as part of the requirements for a successful play, evidently your pin would have been sent to your email.
3. If you played as a User, you can check your purchase ticket log, the transaction ID is your PIn for that purchase.
4. If you play via quicteller or USSD or other channels, you can contact customer service via Live Chat, Email ([email protected]) and other mediums for your PIN.

Note: All PIN is emailed to the email associated with your account and also to the email filled or associated with the username for the player.

After each categoey Draw, the system displays the winning PINs on the website for all to see. To confirm your status:
1. Visit www.schoolmelottery.com, scroll to check PIN status, type your PIN the space provided and click Check Status, You will get a result of your PIN status.
2. Log in to your account Click on Purchased Ticket from the Menu You will be able to see your ticket status for all plays if the draws have been done. Note: Only winners are contacted.

1. If you are a SchoolMe User, your winnings will be automatically deposited to your wallet and you can make a withdrawal into your bank account.
Note: Payment takes minimum of 2 working days to clear.

2. If you played with A licensed Agent, the system sends you an automated message via SMS and Email bringing to your awareness that you’ve won in the category Draw.
A SchoolMe personnel will also call to congratulate you and ask you for your bank details. Once you’ve successfully sent your bank details, you will be paid within 48 hours (2 working days).

a. SchoolMe will never ask for your BVN, ATM PIN or other sensitive information to make payment.
b. SchoolMe will also never ask you to PAY to redeem your winnings.
c. Should you receive such call or message, contact SchoolMe via our active lines on the website, or send us a mail to the following address: [email protected] and [email protected]

We ensure that we PAY ALL OUR WINNERS, however, in a situation where you did receive your payment, please carryout the following exercise:
1. Please ensure you go to your bank or ATM and manually check your account balance, if your reward is not there, its one of two things, a. Network failure or b. Delay from the bank.
2. If you are a User, login to your dashboard and be sure you initiated a withdrawal and the withdrawal was approved, also ensure you added the right bank account in your payment profile, if not add another.
3. Have you carried out the above exercise and still haven’t seen your payment, then please reach out to us, call any of our customer care numbers, we are EVER AVAILABLE to take your call(s).

The following are the additional play channels we have:
1. Via any ATM, Bank Teller on the Interswitch Network
2. Via the Web Wallet as Online User
3. Via Quickteller Web and App
4. Via USSD (Shortcode) [In progress...]
5. Via any licensed SchoolMe Agent or PECs.